Last week I talked about your personal responsibility being a big part of your success. Another part, which so many people forget, is celebration.

We beat ourselves up because we haven’t reached the end goal, forgetting the whole time of all the small achievements we have reached.

Take time to celebrate all the things you have accomplished on your road to health and fitness. Celebrate the two pounds lost! Celebrate getting all your cardio in for the week! Celebrate your pants feeling a little better!

We at Body3 believe in celebrating you and that’s why we are having our Client Appreciation Party this Wednesday. We want to celebrate all of you and all that you have accomplished.

We also have picked five people we believe embody the Body3 core values and we want you to help us pick a 2016 Client of the Year (they all of course of winners) that we can crown on Wed. Vote here at

Join us this Wednesday at 6:30 pm for food, fun, prizes, and a wonderful time of celebration! Making 2017 our best year yet!