Do you want to know one of the biggest pieces of your fitness success is? Taking personal responsibility! If you own your behaviors, choices, reactions, and decisions, you have truly set yourself up for success. When you decide that you are in charge of you, life takes on a whole different light.

Stuff is always going to be thrown your way. You go out to dinners, travel, get stuck at the office late, and you will scramble for food from time to time, but you choose what you do in those moments.

You want to eat with friends? Great, eat a small snack before you leave or, better yet, research the menu before you go and decide what you are going to have and make any necessary modifications to make it healthier.

You got stuck late at work? Still come and get a few minutes of cardio. Something is better than nothing.

You didn’t meal prep, and it’s Friday and you have nothing to grab? Run to the grocery store and grab a banana and some trail mix. It will take you just as much time as sitting in the Chick-fil-a drive through.

Seriously though, it will be rare when all the stars align and everything is just perfect for you to reach your goals. You have to take personal responsibility and own your success.

I want to challenge you this week to stop yourself if you find that you are making an excuse about something. Ask if there is something else you could do, if there is another choice. When you start asking yourself those tough questions, you will start taking ownership and start making incredible strides towards your own success.

Making 2017 our best year yet!