This is going to be one of those tough love messages. January is traditionally a month where people get focused and start to devote a lot of time and energy into losing weight.

We are determined!

We want it!

We get our cardio in!

We get our sessions in!


We expect the numbers to move DRASTICALLY and QUICKLY!

When they don’t, we get easily frustrated and want to quit or don’t see the point in putting in so much work if the results are not going to match the effort.

What no one wants to talk about, though, is most people have dieted about a million times. They have lost weight, gained it back, lost it and gained it back. This cycle can be tough on the body. Your body likes to be at homeostasis. It wants consistency and regulation. That need to regulate over the years has forced the body to slow things down (metabolism) because it’s not sure if it’s going to get a surplus of food (holidays) or be deprived (New Year’s Resolution).

You may be putting in a great amount of effort and eating all the right things, but your body has to have that constancy over time to get the metabolism back into gear. When I say constancy, I am talking about months and sometimes longer depending on your own body, your age, and how many times you gained and lost weight. It may start off slow, but eventually, your body will recognize this is the new normal and it will start to feel safe releasing stored body fat, as well as making your engine run faster, which means more calories burned.

Be patient as your body catches up. I have been working with people for 14 years now and unless there is a health condition, the body will always respond. It just may take some time and extra hard work, but it will eventually move in the right direction.

Keep fighting the good fight! Making 2017 our best year yet!