Set accountability goals


Every year I write the same sort of post right about this time. I have talked with enough of you to know that the temptations are already starting to creep in. A few of you even avoided having Halloween candy to give out because you knew that if it was left in the house you would eat it.

Thanksgiving is right around the corner, as are holiday parties, Christmas treats, etc., and I wish I could say there was some magic trick to get through this time of year, but it’s tough even for fitness professionals. A long time ago, I adopted a simple guideline for dealing with these temptations. I would not gain a single pound. That also means I have no specific goals or ambitions to lose any weight either. I have learned that if I focus on maintaining my current weight, I can still enjoy great food on Thanksgiving, attend a few holiday parties and not feel like I am completely restricting myself for 8 weeks. If I overdo it at Thanksgiving, I need to be clean that next week and make sure I am getting my workouts in.

I touched on this a few weeks ago, but plan the next eight weeks out. Book all your sessions, track your food, jump into some extra cardio or boot camp classes. Drag a friend along to make sure you do it, but promise yourself you are going to avoid any weight gain between now and the New Year.

I promise that when January 1 rolls around you will thank yourself and you won’t be starting with an extra ten pounds you very easily could have avoided.

If you need additional support or ways to avoid holiday gain, just let us know. We have helped so many and want to help you. It’s actually easier than you think with the right plan.

Let’s continue to make this The Year of Outstanding.