Do you ever get the feeling that you’re on a hamster wheel and not going anywhere? Kind of like being on a treadmill, right? Or do you feel like, whatever you do, you just don’t seem to be gaining any headway?

new treadmills

I can totally relate. About a year ago, I felt like my business wasn’t going anywhere. I was putting in a ton of hours and just not seeing the growth or the light at the end of the tunnel. Well, not any more!

Things are going great. We are approaching our max capacity for gym membership at just 45 memberships left (we’ve lowered the cap to 225 instead of 250). Our boot camps are rocking, and our training programs in small group, private, and Pilates have doubled since last year.

While I was on that treadmill, I realized that something needed to change DRAMATICALLY or things just weren’t going to get better. I wasn’t going to see the growth I wanted and, quite frankly, NEEDED.

So I made three drastic changes to get off the treadmill of life and get moving again. These are things YOU can do too, whether in life or in your fitness routine. I will relate each to exercise so you can see where you can make those adjustments.

1 – THIS ONE IS HUGE!! I hired a business coach. Probably the absolute best business investment I have ever made. It was expensive, but the return on the investment was well worth it. It’s all about accountability. Same with exercise. I have a coach for that too. My workouts are fresh; my coach constantly challenges me and checks in with me on my nutrition program. That is what we do for our clients. (BTW, if you haven’t been in to speak with me regarding your nutrition, it’s probably time!). When you are accountable to someone else, it’s human nature to do your best for that person. Find someone to be accountable to!

2 – I DEDICATE MY TIME!! I was having a big problem getting things done . . . (that’s a title to a book by David Allen, which is really helpful for time management issues). I would start a project but not finish it. There wasn’t any follow through. My business coach suggested I block my time out for the top 3-5 projects I have going at any given time and dedicate my time to it. What a difference that has made! I’m getting things done left and right . . . and I have more free time. It’s a work in progress and it’s hard to always do, but I’m doing it. When you exercise, block out your time to exercise. That is the #1 excuse I hear, “I don’t have time to exercise.” What that means to me is “I haven’t made my daily exercise a priority.” Block out your time, and just get it done.

3 – I WROTE A BOOK! OK, that’s more of just a cheap plug for my book, which is available at Barnes and ( and on my website What that’s really about is doing something you’re not comfortable doing. I never though I was a writer, but over the years of writing these blogs and emails, I basically had the foundation for a book. The correlation to exercise on this is that you need to get out of your comfort zone and do something different. You will grow from it, your muscles will grow, and you’ll break through any plateaus.

There you go! Three ways you can get off the hamster wheel of life or exercise and on to moving and grooving.

OH, by the way . . . NEW TREADMILLS HAVE ARRIVED and are ready to be pounded away on. It’s my way of re-investing in YOUR fitness.

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