I don’t run as much as I used to but when I was, it didn’t matter how many times a week I ran or how many miles I did, that first half a mile always felt like I had never run in my life.  My legs always felt heavy. My breathing always seemed labored. Sometimes I would look down to just make sure I was actually running and not just walking quickly.

Then something happens… Sometimes it’s after that first half mile, sometimes it’s after the first mile, and sometimes it took even longer. But suddenly my legs don’t feel quite as heavy, my breathing steadies itself, and I can see I am covering distance I could only do while running.  I start to gain momentum and my body finds it rhythm.

I think that is true in a lot of areas of our life, especially in our journey for health and fitness. Sometimes it may feel like you are staring back over. You might feel frustrated because you feel like you should be further along. You might wonder if all the work you have been putting in is ever going to pay off and then something happens. The scale number changes. It’s is easier to make better decisions. Your clothes fit better. You can runner longer and lift heavier weights. You have more momentum and suddenly you have more traction.

You won’t ever know that until you push past that first uncomfortable part. The uncomfortable part could last for the first ten minutes of a workout, the first six months of your program, or even longer. But don’t give up. Don’t stop because you are uncomfortable because just on the other side of uncomfortable is your success.

Let’s continue to make this ‘The Year of Outstanding.’