As a personal trainer in Houston, I get the question all the time . . . “What is the best exercise to do?”  If I had to choose just one exercise I would definitely choose the PUSHUP.  You can literally do it ANYTIME and ANYWHERE. I’ve been know to pump out a few pushups waiting for a flight.

It takes no equipment and anyone can do it. It works your chest, back, core, shoulders and a bunch of stabilizing muscles. And it can burn a ton of calories . . . when you do enough of them.

There are so many different variations you could do as well:  plyo pushups, clap pushups, one armed pushups, asymmetrical pushups . . . literally hundreds of variations. Even when you change your hand or foot position you’re changing the exercise enough to target some different muscles.

Below is a tutorial on the basics of doing the PERFECT PUSHUP. Once you have perfected the pushup, then come out to Pushups for Charity on May 19 and do some with us as we raise money and awareness for the men and women of the armed services.

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How to do a correct pushup:

perfect pushupLie face down on the floor.  Put your palms on the floor, just about level with your breast and fairly tight to your body.

Then push up. Try and keep the rest of your body rigid.  Repeat.

Stop pushing just before you lock your elbows. Hold for a second and lower yourself down slowly. Go until your nose is almost touching the floor.

Push-ups work your arms, chest, core, legs . . . you name it! If you spend 5 to 10 minutes a day, you’ll see AND feel amazing results in a very short time.


Now go ahead and register for Pushups For Charity on May 19 . . . or at least support us in our efforts to raise money for our military by donating here: For every $5 donated this week only you will receive an entry into our raffle for a pair of tickets to the May 12 concert of REO Speedwagon and STYX!!