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[dropcap]A[/dropcap]s you may or may not know I’m participating in our TakeDown Challenge at the gym.  It’s our 4 Week Nutrition based program with weekly meal plans which are very easy to follow and very tasty as well.

When you’re following a program it can be hard to eat out at restaurants.  But over the years of doing this and telling people how to make the best choices, how to get the right portion sizes, it has almost become second nature… in terms of the theory of it.

The practice of this can be totally different and can be difficult.  I was reminded of this last Friday night when I went out to eat with some friends.  We went to a Tex Mex restaurant, where we were initially tempted by frozen margaritas and hot chips and salsa

But not I, I didn’t order a margarita nor did I eat ANY chips.  I just had my water… probably 3 glasses!which can fill you up just as well as the hot chips (which can carry 25 calories per chip)

Then on to ordering.  There were enough choices on the menu to make it somewhat easy, it just took a little creativity.  I ordered the grilled Tilapia and of course asked how it was prepared.  Thankfully no butter, just seasonings, it came with rice and grilled vegetables, perfect.

When the meal came to the table, I was facing a huge Tilapia fillet on a mound of rice.  Way more than the 6oz I was alotted for dinner.  No problem, just cut it in half and asked for a to go box.  Then … and this is the KEY! … I TOOK MY TIME EATING IT.  Usually I inhale my food, not really tasting it, not this time!

I was satisfied with my smaller portion size and my to-go box, plus I had lunch for the next day!

Moral of the story:

there is always time to go back to the basics!

If you want the basics for your nutrition and exercise program then just fill out a consultation form by clicking on the button below.  We’ll dig deep into what your goals are and what we need to do to help you reach them faster than you though possible.

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