This week’s exercise recommendation is a great cardio workout and will push your your heart rate through the roof.

Don’t forget to cool down, and stay tuned for the upcoming Push Ups for Charity!


Over the fence/under the fence
Up and Back 3x’s


3mins on any piece of cardio
Farmers Carry
25 Jumping Jacks


Foam Rolling
T-Spine Rotation
(anchor elbows down and drop hips side-to-side)


We are fast approaching the summertime.
We hope you are reaching your goals.
If you need a boost we have have the Body3 Takedown Challenge in the month of April, with a brand new menu plan.
We had amazing success with the Challenge in January, with one of our members losing 28 pounds in 28 days. For more information contact us at (713) 864-1231.


Don’t forget to check out our last post in which we talked about Cassandra’s article on Angie’s List: “Can Thinking Young Help You to Stay Fit?”. Cassandra is a big believer that “thinking younger” can help you stay fit and trim.