Please call me out if I ever give you a “diet.” Seriously, put your finger in my face and tell me I am a terrible, terrible person.

Diets Don't Work-Houston's Best Personal TrainersOK, maybe not a terrible, terrible person but, still, stop me in my tracks.

Houston’s best personal trainers stand firm in the idea that diets don’t work. They actually produce the opposite results. They restrict you from things . . . and when was the last time restricting yourself from something worked long-term?

Oh sure, it will work for a week, maybe even a month . . . but long term it never works.  Houston’s best personal trainers at Body3 Fitness know that.

No, diets are setting yourself up for failure. They give you 10 foods you can eat, but they never tell you about everything else or what you do when you have to celebrate a birthday, or what happens if you start to hate baked chicken because, trust me, if you are on a diet long enough you will HATE baked chicken—not that I have any experience with that. 🙂

Meal plans with practical advice and limitations are what work. Meal plans that make sense for your work schedule and nutritional preferences. Meal plans that allow you a piece of birthday cake when it’s your birthday, for crying out loud.

Are you stuck with a diet mind right now? Are you so focused on all the things you can’t eat? Are you tired of doing something for a few weeks and realizing it wont work for the rest of your life?

So are we!

That is why you need to call Body3 Fitness Center, where Houston’s best personal trainers are, at  (713) 864-1231 today and schedule a time to meet with one of our professionals to go over your goals. Or fill out our free consult form on our website. Let our experts help you figure out the right combination of foods for a long-term success plan.

—Cassandra Gaudet

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