Stop procrastinating! Stop telling yourself you will start on Monday. You are essentially telling yourself you are going to get as fat and happy as you can before you go on this terrible diet Monday morning.

easychairYou and I, as a Houston Fitness Expert, both know it doesn’t work—ever—or you wouldn’t be reading this blog, you would be writing it.

You are starting another diet and diets don’t work, says this Houston Fitness Expert. They tell you all the stuff you can’t have and all the boring things you can have. But that is for another blog.

Bottom line is quit waiting around to make a decision and take control of your health. Each time you tell yourself, I will start on Monday—or after my birthday, or after this next holiday, or when the moon is full, you are procrastinating.  So take it from this Houston Fitness Expert… don’t procrastinate.

That weekend, that birthday, that next holiday could be the game changer in taking over your health.

Give the best personal training studio in Houston a call today at (713) 864-1231 and talk to us about getting started TODAY! Or fill out our free consult form on our site. Take control of your health and quit waiting for Monday!

—Cassandra Gaudet

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