Well I’m back and I’m frustrated – with no one but myself. I didn’t stay on my plan for the 21-Day Challenge while out of town at a conference. As a result, I gained back almost all the weight I lost in week one.

And there are no reasons other than I made the choice not to stay on my plan. I made the choice to have a glass of wine with the group I was with when we arrived to our destination. That one decision, to deviate from my plan (a part of which was to not drink any wine), led to me to continue to deviate from that plan. I still tried to make some good food choices, and I did that ok, but every night I found myself with groups of fellow conference attendees sharing cocktails. Sharing cocktails led to sharing bad food choices.

I don’t know what it was about that one cocktail that I had upon arrival to our destination… I could have chosen to have that one glass of wine and then chosen a non-alcoholic alternative all the other nights and times, but I didn’t. It was almost as if my thinking was: Have this wine…. Break the plan..Can’t fix the plan….So just blow it.

What is that?

Well, part of it is this – It’s plain hard to attend a conference and not share cocktails. It’s plain hard to socialize in business without cocktails. It seems that everything is centered around cocktails not only in the professional world but also the personal world. I struggle with it because there always seems to be a conference, networking event, or some other happening…with COCKTAILS!

Part of it is this – I want my collective lifestyle to be balanced and most of the time it is. But juggling it to create the balance – making decisions that will create the balance – can also just be plain hard too.

Am I alone in this?

Part of it is this – While at the conference I attended a class and one of the topics discussed in the class was: If you know what drives you in your business and when your passion is ignited for your business – you will put in the effort that will create, develop and build that business of your dreams. You have to know your WHY.

When reflecting about my choices while away, I thought about what we discussed in class and I thought of how it applied to the 21-day Challenge, and health and fitness in general.

I ultimately have come up with this: My WHY for staying on the 21-Day Challenge wasn’t strong enough. It was strong, but not strong enough to give me the strength to say no to desires that aren’t in line with my WHY.

So what can I do about it? The only thing I know I can do about it right now is to get back on the “proverbial horse” and start from there. I don’t see any other option because if I stay stuck where I am today – in regret of the choices I made to deviate from my plan – then I just stay stuck.

If I continue to beat myself up for deviating from my plan, I stay stuck too, and worse, beat up.

I could go the opposite direction and starve myself and exercise profusely to lose the weight I put back on while at the conference. But that’s not balanced either, is it?

So this is what I’m doing – I get back on that horse (or that treadmill), but I must also look at my true why, my real why, that drives my quest to be fit and balanced.

It’s time to sit back and look at what is within me that holds me back from accomplishing my dreams. When I discover what that is, I have to make the choice to either change, or change my dreams if I’m not willing to do what it takes to get to those dreams.

Side note: I’ve had several discussions with my trainer – the wonderful Cassandra – about this. Talking about my challenges help and hearing feedback from her, mostly confirming everything I’ve shared above, helps too. She’s helped me to see the reality of my challenges, and the reality of me. We’ve talked about several ideas that can help. I want to share my take-aways because they also may be helpful to others. Here they are in a nutshell:

  • If the environments you find yourself in aren’t helping you achieve your goals, change your environments.
  • Look at the good choices you make. Don’t beat yourself up all the time for the bad choices.
  • Diets, too much of one thing, or total denial of one thing, don’t work. It’s a lifestyle of healthy and fit choices every moment of every day that help achieve that healthy and fit lifestyle.

Ultimately, if you do your best then that is truly all you can do. We just have to make sure to truly make sure we are doing our best.


-Your Body3 Fitness 21-day Challenge Friend, Christy Stratton