I told you last week to stop buying the new toy or bottle of pills. Stop trying to get to your goals via the “quick fix” way.

Trainer_ClientThis week I want to tell you the other part of why I discourage people from buying all the new toys and gimmicks.

Quite simply, you are gonna hurt yourself. I have bought a few of things out there to assess the product. I hate when fitness professionals discourage something before they actually try it.

Well, after assessing quite a bit of what is out there, I can confidently say a lot of it is dangerous for the common person. There is poor coaching around the product and you honestly need someone watching what you are doing to make sure you are using it correctly.

I tell people when they sign up to train with the best personal training studio in Houston they are getting the coaching, accountability, and program they need to achieve their goals.

That coaching is probably the most important part. Having someone watch what you are doing and making those small tweaks to ensure you are in the best position you can be in is what keeps people safe and effective.

I can’t count how many times I get someone in my office who has an injury because of a bad trainer or trying to do something on their own.

Stop . . . seriously . . . stop hurting yourself. Let Houston’s best personal trainers, who are educated and serious about what they do, watch, coach and ensure you are safe, effective, and reaching your goals.

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—Cassandra Gaudet