I became a fitness professional, not because the promise of a large paycheck, not as a fall back, and not because I was an athlete at any point growing up. I got into this gig because I was a fat kid and finally decided I needed to make a change. I experienced my own transformation and knew instantly I wanted to help others experience the same thing.

I genuinely want people to get results, feel better, and move effectively.

I live for it, really!

So when I measure clients and nothing has changed, they are not the only person who is frustrated or bummed. I share in their sympathy and understand how frustrating that is.

However, instead of letting that moment destroy your momentum, let it cause you to step back and ask why.

Why didn’t my numbers change, why didn’t I get faster or strong, or why am I stuck in the same place? Those are tough questions and sometimes, if you really dig deep, you may not like the answer.

You may find that you didn’t get quite as much cardio as you thought you had or your nutrition, while better, is still loaded with unnecessary calories.

Whatever it is, it could be what is keeping you from reaching your goals. But unless you are willing to ask yourself those questions and be honest with your answers, you might never reach the goals you have set for yourself.

If you are already a part of the Body3 family, take some time to think about why you may not be reaching your goals and schedule a time to sit down with me to discuss how we can work through that. If you have not joined the Body3 family yet, still ask yourself those questions and then schedule a time with me to see how we can help you answer those questions.

Body3 is the #1 best Houston Gym and Houston Training Studio because we really do care about you, your goals and, ultimately, your results. We have the best Houston Personal Trainers, who are knowledgeable, focused, and driven by continuous results.

Ask yourself why, and then ask yourself why not!

–Cassandra Gaudet