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Houston Personal Trainer helps clients Lose Weight and Feel great in a private training facility. Ideal for those who don't want to go to a "gym" or have tried other programs and failed. We're a family who supports and encourages.

Concerned Citizens Push For Our Freedom with 2694 pushups

Houston Fitness Enthusiasts Push For Freedom with 2,694 Pushups

Awesome Pushups For Charity event on Saturday May 19th.  It’s not too late to donate…


Make your checks out to The Boot Campaign or donate directly on-line.

We completed 2,694 Pushups in support of the Boot Campaign.  Here is the ranking of our team.

Body3 Fitness Center, Houston Personal Trainer

First Name Last Name # of Pushups
Danny Zhu Nat 57
Sandy Reyes NAT 51
Tom Jackobs Nat 51
Kelly Lynch Nat 50
Trey Eckerman Nat 46
Sean Greeley Nat 36
Tom Roth 103
Carlos Camacho 101
Brandon Funk 100
Cedric Cook 100
Greg Green 100
Lisa Poret 100
Anthony Raia 99
Donna B. Washburn 95
Ed Blancett 88
Mike Warren 82
Stephen Blaschke 82
Darin Goodwin 80
Rayme Mack 80
Brian Strawn 75
Cassandra Gaudet 75
Miguel Gutierrez 73
Cindy Kepfer 69
Sandy McCary 68
Joe Adame 66
Andrea Jozwiak 64
Bradley Scott 60
Nicholas Breaux 60
Mathew Martinez 59
Megan Lankford 57
Garland Shiloh 56
Delleese LaGarde 50
Leigh Ann Ranslem 50
Nicki Frankie 50
Ashley Segura 45
Caroline Maranga 45
Shelby Powell 45
David Nieberding 37
Peter Johns 36
Betty Winters 30
Hugh Hines 23


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